Unique, light, efficient, low-maintenance

The TubeShredder© RH was designed and developed for a precise cutting of paper strips and foil strips in tube lines in every feed rate.

Its body is made of aluminium with one permanently mounted bed knife, a rotating and removable knife cartridge with three waved knifes as well as an electric motor. The precise processed body absorbs the air flow in an optimal line and transfers the material through the rotating knifes.

The weight of the TubeShredder© RH is reduced of a minimum, it makes the assembly easier for every height.

Trough the unscrewing of the cover plate of the aluminium body the knife cartridge can be changed in a very short time. The maintenance and adjustment operations are done very fast without disassembling of the whole unit.

For the shredding of the adhesive materials, the TubeShredder© can be arranged with an optional non-stick coating systems.


• patented body system
• light
• longevity
• low maintenance costs
• easy installation
• adjustable knifes
• installable in all transport systems
• removable knife cartridge
• made for cutting paper, foil, cardboard
• adjustable speed of the knife rotor
• different sizes available
• optional non-stick coating systems
• time saving by mainenance and adjustment works