About us

Disposal facilities with system

The NBS AG, Nickel Technical Air + Ventilation Systems, was founded in 2002 in merger with the KNC AG of Switzerland. The family business, founded by Klaus Nickel, took Jörg Nickel in its second generation.

The NBS AG has its headquartes at the bottom of Mount Pilatus, centrally located in Kriens. The small enterprise is a young and competent compandy that has specialized in the disposal of paper and paper dust. Due to the fast-growing and dynamic economy, the NBS AG has established also in other industries and fields, for example in the food industry, in the plastic and film processing or also in the Pharma Medical.


Due to constant optimization and further development of our products, we guarantee a high cost-effectiveness, sustainability and especially quality. We realize individual systems which are customized to your needs. The great flexibility and transparency confirms our customer satisfaction.



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